Thursday, May 03, 2007

UPDATE: Not so new Amazon - WTF !?!

It gets better. I took another look at the shots of the damaged camera - it isn't even the right camera! This is the 630. I ordered the 700 ! (I had to enhance the image to make it clearer).

I called Amazon and reported what had apparently happened. See, they use vendors who then ship the materials as Looks like someone there did a little switch-a-roo and put an old damaged 630 into the box of a new 700. Look at the pics from the "New Camera "post and compare.

I guess we all need to remember is merely a ditribution center - not an actual store.

The good news is this. Just got this e-mai from Amazon:

I have placed a new order for the Canon PowerShot SD700
IS 6MP Digital Elph Camera with 4x Image Stabilized Zoom. There is
no charge for this replacement.

Estimated Delivery Date: May 4th

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