Thursday, May 03, 2007

Not so new Amazon - WTF !?!

So I got my new camera. New? I doubt it.

The box looked fine, everything looked brand new but when i opened the box and looked at the camera it was dented, and scrtached all over. There was even a piece buckling off of it. I made a couple of calls to They have this neat new feature where you type in your phone number and customer service calls you - odd. You still wait but it was kind of neat. Anyway they are sending me (supposedly) another camera to replace this one and are paying for shipping. It is just really odd as it looks like someobody returned this camera and then it was repackaged and sent to me. I expect crap like that to happen on EBay but not on Amazon. Well I'll let you know how this ends up.

For the few minutes I looked at the camera I liked it a lot. The viewfinder is almost as big as the camera-it will be a blast to use. Now all I need to find is a non-leather case to protect it. Maybe something neoprene or a skin like those they sell for IPods.


Elsie said...

beautiful dented photos. a theme? scratched and dented new merchandise.

Elsie said...

a new theme for photo book: scratched and dented new merchandise. beautiful photos of scratched metal!

Scott said...

Thanks Lou! (I mean, uh, Elsie).