Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Meeting the neighbors BITES!

Nancy and I walked over to meet our new neighbors late Saturday afternoon. They have a dog—a pit bull mix named Nutmeg. Everything seemed fine, the dog approached nancy and sniffed her hand, she was wagging her tail and then without warning Nutmeg decided to take a closer look at nancy's face and bit it. It happened in a split second. I immediately turned around to look at nancy and it was clear that she had been bitten badly. The skin beneath her right eye, where "bags" reside, was hanging down, exposing the fatty tissue that lies underneath. We immedately went to the emergency room and got Nancy patched up. Luckily the doctor on call is well-known in the area as one of the best facial surgeons around. Nancy has stitches on her top right eyelid and below the right eye in two directions. She also has a puncture wound in her left cheek that got stitched up.

We felt really bad for the neighbors and for Nutmeg as it was their first day in the new house and we know they were mortified about what happened. We wanted to make sure that nothing happens to Nutmeg as that would be the real tragedy but the neighbors are going to have to be careful in the future and I think it would be a good idea for them to get a muzzle.

For those of you who have the stomach I will post an image of Nancy's eye. Scroll down. Waaaaaaaay down. More to come on this story....

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Simone said...

wow. so sorry. but she is SO lucky as it could've been a lot worse.

damn dog