Monday, October 29, 2007

Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, NY

Nancy and i went with a group of animal friendly vegans and vegetarians to Farm Sanctuary, located in Watkins Glen, NY. It is a great place that gives homes to farm animals who have been mistreated and abused because of factory farming practices.

This is Bertha. She had the softest hair on top - this wavy white blonde patch of hair. She was really sweet and greeted us as we approached. The moo was so loud it echoed back at us 3 times.

Now that is a real goatee!

Jennifer and the group check out the turkeys.

This poor guy gets around on a prosthetic leg.

Nancy is petting some of the younger pigs. They were adorable and LOVED to have their bellies rubbed.

Pigs like to sleep too. Look at those little arms! I have video of one of them snoring. Perhaps I'll add it to the post when I figure out how to get the movies off the camera - the disk won't mount.

With a snout like that it is no wonder they can smell things several feet underground.

Autumn pics

After nancy ran her half-marathon we decided to take the long way home and drove through some of the farmland that surrounds Groton. It was a clear crisp fall day - perfect for being a lazy photographer and taking pictures from the passenger side of nancy's car. Here are some photos. It was a particularly good year for foliage.

See nancy run. Run Nancy run.

A couple of weekends ago nancy broke a personal record of running 13.3 miles (a half marathon) just over 1 hour and 52 minute ath the Cortland "Leaf peeper" race. I am impressed. Congratulations nancy! It was a beautiful fall day complete with mist rising over the early morning water.

the cold is trying to return.

As many of you know, Central NY is cold. It has long dreary winters. Some of us like it, some of us can't take it (you know who you are). I like the change of seasons but I really dislike having to deal with a frozen car every morning. Here are a few pics of the frost.

Catching up

Hi folks, I know it has been a while since I blogged — I am going to try and catch up in the coming weeks and get some pics and stuff up on the blog.

So here goes....