Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Living Room

One of our first projects has been to have the living room floors refinished.This is the living room as it was when we were looking at it for the first time. Old brown carpeting covered the entire floor. The walls we will do later. They're drab but will have to wait.

Here you can see what the floors look like after we pulled the rug out. Overzealous, inexperienced, and full of adrenaline, we didn't think of cutting the carpet before trying to roll it up and move it out of the door. Let' s just say nancy showed some patience and Scott did not. We laugh now, but didn't that day. It was too heavy and cumbersome but we finally got it out onto the front porch. Notice the neat pattern we discovered was under that rug. Who knew!

Our hero AJ has sanded down the old veneers an is putting on coat one of the polyurethane. Already there is such a big difference. He has been working tiredlessly, sometimes for 12 hours straight. Thanks AJ ! If anybody needs some work done on their home contact Momentum Builders.


H3NR7 said...

The wood work looks beautiful.
HA! I can just picture you in a HULK rage pulling up the carpet. SCOTT SMASH!

Simone said...

BEAUTIFUL floors. Can't wait to see the place.

I am glad we were not there for the, um, episode.

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