Thursday, March 30, 2006

Moving like haddock?

The date is set. April 8 the moving vans come to pick up the heavy stuff. Nancy and I have been packing our cars to the brim with the small stuff, like books, CDs, and the boxes that never get unpacked and go directly from one attic to the next. It's fun to look at your old stuff. I found a bunch of Galactic posters and one from a group called Smilin' Myron that I used to see in New Orleans when I was at Tulane. They were a lot of fun and a pretty good NOLA funk band.

This week we are having the dining room and living room floors refinished. We had some old veneers underneath the carpeting that had staining and needed some touching up. I don't know what they were thinking of in the 70s. Why did everybody carpet everything? It's ridiculous how they covered up these wonderful patterned floors. Anyway, A.J., the man who is doing the work is putting in some long hours for us sanding the floors done, repainting the floor mouldings, and putting on 2 coats of polyurethane. He started Monday and it will be completely dry and safe to walk on. I am not expecting miracles, but a little shine and smoothing out of the floor will be great. It's an old house so I think the little imperfections are welcome.

What else? Oh yes. Tom and Earl/Howard. These guys are a trip. I had them haul away the old carpets and demo this thing that was attached to the garage. It was covering a concrete patio deck and the roof was heaving so off it went. Tom is the talker. He loves to gabe and he is one of those out in the country guys who talks too fast and laughs with a wheeze and a smile. Earl said nothing. Well that's not true. After 30 minutes of talking to Tom, Earl, who is a large burly man, turns to me with jowels sagging and says in a drone low voice "you like haddock?" I was waiting for him to ask if he could pet the rabbits to complete my real life Of Mice and Men experience.

Tomorrow the drier arrives from the store, and then Saturday the lawn tractor comes. I don't know why, but it makes mne nervous to ride that thing, like I'm going to lose control of it and hit a tree. Nothing to really worry about though as I think it usually only goes 5 miles per hour at max.

My sister Lori sent us two John Deere caps. All I need now are some green and yellow overalls.


H3NR7 said...

Hey, as long as you don't have to parallel park that tractor, everything will be just fine.

Simone said...

and no hanky panky on the tractor either

Scott said...

Henry, do you want to train on the tractor before your next test? ;)