Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Checking In

It's early on Tuesday moning and Nancy is up and about feeding the bunnies. It's been a while since I logged in and wrote and i thought I would log in. I was annoyed by some marketer getting on the blog and writing dumbass comments. I have since changed settings so it won't happen again. Retards.

So we have moved in and things are going really well. We still have a lot of unpacking to do—well I do—Nancy was a tornado of organization. I have no idea where anything is but she has it all catalogued in her mind so I just ask her where things are.

I'll tae some pictures soon as we are having a great time discovering what they previous owners had planted. From what i hear we have an abundance of hostas that are waiting to pop up all over the grounds. The picture above is what we can expect to see-but that isn't my picture. Right now there are just shoots emerging on the outer edges of the back of the property. Things are growing slow though as it still dips down below freezing at night. It's exciting to see. It is almost like we are slowly unwrapping this gift of a house.

Uh-oh, better get up, Nancy just told me we are carpooling into Ithaca today. First we have to fix the toilet paper. Maestro!
Ah, the joys of having not 1, not 2, nor 3 cats. The oy-joy of four.

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Lori said...

Pictures! We want pictures! Can't wait to see what your gardens look like.

P.S. $%^#* retard marketers...