Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April Garden pics

I went outside this morning to take some quick pictures of the yard. Not too much has popped up besides the daffodils, as you'll see.

Also taken from across the street, here is a picture of the house. We own the property from the tall hedges on the left in the previous picture to about 10 feet to the right of the house.

Now I am walking across the street up the driveway. That turnaround section comes in handy! Daffodills mark each post and I think there are some rose vines in between.

Here is a close-up of the daffodills.

Now I have walked behind the garage to give you a better look of the back property.

As I was walking to the pine trees Nancy came out and said goodbye. She has to get to work a little bit before i do. We like to drive in together when we can, but today is one of those days we needed both cars.

I have walked further into the pine trees and turned around to take this shot looking towards the front where the house is. Notice the rectangle in the ground. That is the garden bed. It needs raking, etc. but we are leaving it alone for now unbtil we see what comes up from the ground. It's fun to go out there after work and make new discoveries.

I turned around and am now facing the back left of the property. If you follow it back there is a little bridge that leads down to the old Lehigh Railroad track beds. I have found pieces of coal back there that must have fallen off of a train many years ago. Not much of the tracks remain except for some rotting rail ties but two of the tressells that crossed over the swamp and pond back there. You can walk straight for miles back there. I'll take some pics of that the next time I walk back there.

I have walked out of the pines, further towards the small footbridge to the railbeds. There is an old tree stump somebody did a chainsaw carving of a bear in. It is right in front of the bench.


Lori said...

Wow. Your property is gorgeous! And you really are gonna need that rider mower... :D Thanks for the pics, Scott!! Can't wait to visit this summer.

Michelle said...

Can someone please find my brother... i don't know who this new guy is????

Michelle said...

Can someone please find my brother?? I don't know who this new guy is.

Simone said...

Thanks for the tour. I feel like I know the whole property already. Can't wait to see it in person. Can we camp out there? :)

H3NR7 said...


Goldy said...

SERENITY NOW! The place looks amazing. We will make it up there... one of these days. Let's go DEVILS... :)

julie said...

Nice house! I grew up on 711 South Main st in Groton.....
small world........'eh?

It's a lovely town with some very nosey people...keep your curtains closed!