Friday, February 24, 2006

Arthogram - what will we find?

So today I am going in for an arthogram. About 8 years ago I had arthoscopic surgery on my right shoulder to repair a partially torn rotator cuff. I had a huge bone spur that needed to be shaved down to make room for my shoulder joint in the capsule. I had what is called 'impingement syndrome."

Todays MRI is different than the others I have had since they are injecting dye into my shoulder. Then the dye forms a greater contrast and can determine where there are leaks in my capsule.

Hopefully I won't need surgery again and physical therapy can do the trick. we'll see.
Oh, and that isn't my shoulder in the picture.


H3NR7 said...

Why are you going for an arthogram? Is it bothering you again or is it a yearly checkup thing.

Simone said...

Yeah, what he said.