Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Goodbye, Rick

This was a hard decision but the right one. I sold my Rickenbacker 4001 Electric Bass to a local guitar shop in Ithaca.
Another surprise to me and Nancy-you need a chunk of money when you APPLY for the mortgage. You pay 1% of the loan to lock the interest rates and have to pay for appraisal fees, credit reports and some other crap that escapes me. (Maestro is trying to help me type this-in moments like these he gets called by his nickname, "Bug").

Moments after selling the instrument I called henry, knowing he'd understand what a bittersweet moment it was, and we put a good philosophical touch on it that does leave me feeling really good about doing it. Really, what good was a guitar doing by sitting in the corner of my home office? Haven't played it since I was taking lessons in Brooklyn, looking for another creative outlet besides work, which at the time was not a healthy situation. (I could write a whole other blog about my former boss-probably one of the most evil and underhanded people I have ever met. I cringe when I hear when good people go to work for him-really, a very selfish, manipulative person, who in fact is a criminal-charging items he bought on eBay to the budgets of our books!) Anyway, that guitar, to me, represented a past time where things weren't as good as they are now, represented unfulfilled self-promises and wasted potential as a musician—represented a time when I was silly enough to pay a couple thousand dollars on a guitar I barely knew how to play just to make myself feel better.... It's good to pare down your things, simplify life, live in the now, forgetting the past without forgetting its lessons, and forging ahead with the future.

I got rid of something yet feel much fuller—and yeah, the money doesn't hurt.

Time to shower and get ready for TODAY.


H3NR7 said...

Dude! WTF! Selling off that beautiful Rickenbaker bass is the biggest
mistake of your life. No more coke, no more tasty bass licks. No more dreams. What ever happened to that band we were going to make? Scotty and the Levites; Henry and the Hit Rights! The dream is over

Anonymous said...

You sold your Rick for a chick!? You don\'t think so now, but this is the biggest mistake of your life. A guitar never tells you what to do. A guitar will never con or manipulate you. A guitar never makes makes high pitched whines during sex. It never fakes an orgasm. A guitar never cheats on you. A guitar will never talk trash about you behind your back. A guitar never freaks out on you. A guitar will never break your heart. A guitar doesn\'t bail out if you crash and burn. A guitar never lies about its past. A guitar doesn\'t mind if you finger it in front of other people.

There\'s only one song that fits as an ode to your faithful Rick. While my guitar gently weeps...