Monday, July 07, 2008

rest in peace Genie

Genie passed away this weekend from internal complications related to stasis and adhesions from spaying. She was the most incredible rabbit I have ever encountered. She was big in every way, not just in size. Nancy and I first rescued her from Geneva, NY (hence the name Genie) where she was living on the street. Little did we know that this big rabbit was going to grow and grow and grow and take a big place in our hearts. It was amazing to watch her - from the soaring twirls and binkies in moments of happiness and the walloping flops she would make at your side, showing her loyalty and affection-she was always fun and interesting to watch. Sure she had an appetite for destruction (futon legs, book spines, carpet) but it was easy to overlook when you'd get a glimpse of those big eyes and that big bunny nose. She'll forever be linked to that great David Bowie song. which I know is playing somewhere as a big gray rabbit does binkies into the sky " the jean GENIE let yourself gooooooowwhooooah!" '

We'll miss you dearly.

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