Monday, June 23, 2008

The Skatalites

Thanks to my good friend, singer-songwriter Jonny Meyers I was given some free tickets to see The Skatalite at Castaway's here in Ithaca New York. This weekend was the Ithaca Festival and they were here as oine of the visiting bands . Jonny is doing some work with Kevin Batchelor who plays trumpet in the band and Kevin was nice enough to put me on the list. I wasn't feeling like going in the afternoon but i got my ass together and went to the show. Thanks nancy for being my designated driver! We saw Jon and Suki there - I even ran into my masseuse, Janna, who was dancing the night away — the press's IT guy, Adam, and a thousand others i always see around town. It was a fun night - thanks everybody! I especially want to thank the 60- year old white guy in the button-down shirt for doing the elaine-robot dance. That was rhythmic ;)

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