Friday, May 16, 2008

Peaceable Kingdom trailer


Need I say more? Watch. Learn.

Understand that the meat you eat and the milk you drink is laden with cruelty—that mothers and their children are separated, that it is unhealthy.
Some people say it is a choice.

Yes it is.

It is a choice between ignoring the truth about factory farming (and as a result dehumanizing yourself) and realizing the truth about where your food came from—the realization that it was once alive with emotions, feelings, desires just like yours.

I ask how any mother would feel if their children were taken away from them so that milk could be harvested from their breasts.
How can any Jew or any culture that has been slaughtered and treated "like an animal" by another "superior authority" not make the connection between that experience and what a farm animal goes through before it gets to your plate, into your mouth, and a part of your body.

You may find plenty of rationalizations and excuses but none of them ring more true than reality—the reality of now, the reality of the choice you have. I am not trying to change you- I am trying to give you the opportunity to seek the truth and listen to your heart and make that decision to change, all by yourself.

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