Monday, July 16, 2007

Birthday visit

Went back down to NYC this weekend to see my mom who turns 65 today, Monday July 16, 2007. I'd say she looks great for her age? No ? That raw food diet and the running really pay off.
We went to Arqua Restaurant - an Italian Restaurant on Church St/White. The food was excellent and my sister Michelle, who couldn't make it, "sent" a bottle of champagne to start the celebration. It was very tasty!

My Aunt Blanche(my mom's Aunt, also named Blanche) gave each of us a picture that she took of us in the far past. My sister Lori and i received pictures of ourselves from when she took us to Europe. In the above picture, my cousin Carol is holding up an image of my mom posing with her younger brothers Peter, Paul and Richard as well as her younger cousins (my Aunt Blanche's daughters) Carol and Robin. It was nice to see Robin who made the trip down from Carlisle, Mass.—taking a break from running the store she owns with her husband Larry called Fern's Country Store

Before i went to the restaurant i got to say hi to my friend Henry who shares the same birthday as my mom. He lives in one of the new buildings being erected in Long Island City that are right on the water. Just a few steps outside his building and you get this view. The above picture of henry was taken in the garden area of the Long Island City Bar.

It is pretty spectacular and a neat perspective of manhattan—one I haven't ever experienced before. He is taking a lot of great pictures and taking some very cool time lapse photos of the East River and manhattan skyline that you can seen on his blog.

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H3NR7 said...

Thanks for coming over. It was great hanging out with you.
And your Mom looks great.