Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Nancy and i traveled down to NYC the weekend of April 13 to celebrate her birthday (pictures above). We decided to take the bus down and get down there stress-free (the trip back was a little harrowing with the noreaster but I was still happy to not have to drive through wind, rain, and snow). We spent some time with family and friends and were able to enjoy a nice weekend of Vegan dining and shopping I( didn't make a blog entry but i am now in my fourth week of eating vegetarian). We ate at Blossom, (where we saw Ethan Hawke-he should stop talking so much and eat his food-what idiot cheats on Uma anyway? dumbass) Red Bamboo Soul Café and picked up dessert at Babycakes. Nancy has links to these places on her blog.

My mom made vegan brownies to mark the occasion (no she is not saying "hey fuckin vegan brownies with a NY accent in that picture).

It was good eating and good times.

There was ANOTHER birthday that weekend too (quite literally). Sophie Rotstein was born on April 13, 2007 to proud parents David and Simone. Congrats to Dave and Simone! What good timing - she decided to wait for Uncle Scott to come down to the city for her grand entrance into the world ;-). We ran into Henry and Emily Mahon at the hospital as well as Simone's mom and Fred. It was nice to see everybody.

I was afraid to take the pics with a flash so I used the infrared mode and then converted them to black and whites. They are a bit noisy but I think they came out okay anyway.

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Simone said...

nice pics. damn, was I bloated. so glad you guys were there to see the new arrival.