Thursday, April 19, 2007

Overhead view

I have taken lot of pictures of the property nancy and I live on but unless you have been here it is hard to orient yourself. So I rented a helicopter and took some pictures. No I got these off (Microsoft's version of Google Earth).

The first image (above) shows our property line. We live on 1.36 acres of land.
The second image (below) shows the house (arrow at top) and then the other arrow shows the tressel from the old railroad. That path you see running along the land behind our property is where we take walks and where the beaver damn pond is located (that large body of water). There are many birds and plants that live back there. Rabbits, deer, racoons, beavers, muskrats and turtles to list a few. It is a lovely place to go wander and enjoy nature. I only wish people would stop riding motorbikes and snowmobiles back there. Click on the images for larger views.

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