Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May Garden Pics

Had to mow the lawn again this weekend and finished on Monday night. I took the camera out and took some pictures of the garden and then headed towards the back of the property where I entered the old Lehigh Railroad bed which is now a private trail for the residents who live along the property lines. I went as far as the first tressell and took some pictures of the swamp that has been created by beaver dams.

These are the three crabapple trees that line the front of the yard.

A close-up of the flowers on the crabapple tree.

Standing in front of the crabapples lookig towards the back. There is another crabapple tree. Can't wait to play "baseball" with them ;)

Looking towards the front of the house, standing besides the pines. The vegetable garden is growing. I think there is garlic growing in there now. I still haven't decided if I am going to plant any vegetables and start rabbit/deer proofing the fence.

I am behind our property , standing on the railroad bed that now functions as a trail for local walkers, hikers, motorcross and snowmobile riders. I wish they wouldn't take vehicles out there, especially the snowmobiles in the winter. I might have to make it more difficult and pull some logs out to impede them.

I am standing on top of a neighbors tiny bridge. This is a view of the mouth of the pond/swamp that has been created by beavers and thir dams. In the winter I could see trees that were being gnawed at by them. Little beaver must have moved on to other trees and decided that the ones I saw were too thick.

The next few pictures are of the pond. The houses you see atop the hill are on my block, if you made a right out of my driveway.

A lot of the trees that were once growing have been killed by the beaver dam. The birds (they flew away before i could focus) love this tree. I saw many birds-blue jays, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, and a lot of others i didn't recognize.


H3NR7 said...

So Very beautiful. It's so sprawling space that it's difficult for me to imagine the layout. You should draw a simple map of your Levinesiana Purchase territory.

Simone said...

I can imagine it. And I love it. Save me some apples for baseball.

He he, you said beaver.

julie said...



Lori said...

Ah, more gorgeous pics!

Heh,heh, glad to see Simone is a Beavis like me ;)